The Morning Maniac Grant Program

EVE Online players may receive a special grant award of up to 250 million ISK, to be used to fund in-game projects. The only stipulation of this grant is that recipients must pledge to provide a positive and constructive contribution to our community of New Eden capsuleers.

This grant program is provided privately by me, Neville Smit, and I am the sole evaluator of who may be selected to receive awards. I have apportioned a significant sum of ISK to a dedicated account to fund this program.

The Origin of the Program

When I first joined EVE Online in the summer of 2009, I began my career in New Eden on very uncertain footing. I had no clear goals. Those first few days were rough, and I often wondered if I could even survive, much less succeed.

Only after I discovered EVE University did I feel like I had a potential future in New Eden. In E-UNI, I was able to incrementally master the knowledge I needed to thrive. I learned how to earn ISK, and to keep my losses manageable - and occasionally, to experience the thrill of triumph in battle or as a new project came to fruition. As a result of this formative experience, I am now, years later, comfortably "space rich" and confident in my competence as a capsuleer.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of other pilots who donated their time, expertise and assets to help me learn and grow. It is due to these acts of giving that I was able to become self-sufficient.

Remembering those who donated their time and treasure to me, I have decided to begin this modest attempt to give back something positive and constructive to the EVE Online community: The Morning Maniac Grant Program.

Morning Maniac, founder of EVE University

Morning Maniac was the founder of EVE University, now the longest-established player training institution in EVE Online. He donated years of time and most of his own assets to help new capsuleers. As a result of his selfless contribution, thousands of pilots have since graduated from E-UNI and can now be found flying successfully in corporations and alliances throughout all of New Eden.

Following Morning Maniac's example, I have established a fund of 20 billion ISK to help EVE Online players to succeed - and hopefully, to influence and assist other players in a positive way. I will continue to replenish this fund as long as I continue to play EVE Online.

How to Apply for a Morning Maniac Grant

  1. Think of an in-game project that you would like to accomplish. 
  2. Send an EVE Mail to me, Neville Smit, with the subject: "Morning Maniac Grant Application". 
  3. In your EVE Mail, describe your intended project, briefly.
  4. Also, explain how you intend to help other EVE Online players, or contribute to the EVE Online community in a constructive and positive way. This pledge to help does not need to be associated with your project directly - it can be a separate or future activity.
  5. I may respond with questions, either by reply EVE mail or by convo'ing you in-game.
  6. If I deem your project and pledge to be worthy, I will transfer funds to your character. The amount of your grant will be determined by me, though more ambitious programs with larger potential impact may receive grants of up to 250 million ISK.
  7. I will publish a public record of your grant on this website, with descriptions of the project and pledge that you provide to me.

Criteria for Morning Maniac Grants

Preference will be given to applicants who are:

  • Relatively new players - that is, the player behind the character has been playing EVE Online for less than two years. More experienced players may apply for a grant, but the impact of the project and pledge to help must be more significant.
  • Members of new-player friendly corporations - applicants who are currently a member of known training and new player development corporations will be given favor in award decisions, though this is not an absolute requirement.
  • Creative in their project plan - applicants who intend to develop an in-game project that will provide value to other players, and not just to themselves, will be given more favorable treatment.
  • Committed to helping other EVE Online players - applicants who make a convincing pledge to assist and provide value to EVE Online players, or who show how they will make a positive and constructive contribution to our community, will gain more favorable status in grant decisions.


If you have questions, send an in-game EVE mail to Neville Smit. You may also contact me on Twitter @NevilleSmit, or by regular e-mail to

I look forward to receiving your application soon. 

Good luck, and fly safe! o7