No More Denial

It's long past time to be honest with myself, and with the world: I stopped playing EVE Online.

This wasn't a deliberate decision, or an overtly conscious act of will - it simply happened, while I was distracted by other things in Real Life: work, family, friends, travel, new projects, and new ways to spend my limited and precious leisure time.

I can't pinpoint the exact date that I decided not to log into the EVE client. Rather, my diligence faded gradually over time, and then I just stopped thinking about the game. And now it's been many months since I flew anything in New Eden, or even logged in to update my training queue.

I now find myself feeling oddly ambivalent about EVE Online. I'm surprised that I don't really miss it, especially since I intensely enjoyed my many adventures in New Eden over more than seven years. I still enthusiastically recommend the game to my friends, and have nothing but fond memories about playing with my "serious business" Internet spaceships for so long.

I still check my list of EVE blogs from time to time, just to keep tabs on things. EVE Online is always fun to read about, even when you’re not actively playing the game.

I keep checking on each announced update, in hopes that I will find something to inspire me and rejoin. So far, nothing has rekindled any desire to jump back into a pod. I’m not even completely sure what it would take to motivate me. Another entirely new kind of space to explore? Some exciting new storyline worth investigating?

Perhaps that might be enough. Someday.

Until then, I will keep peering in on EVE from time to time, and wonder: will I ever fly again in New Eden?

Perhaps. Someday.

Meanwhile, fly safe! o7