Don't worry - everything's fine.

So, you may have noticed that I've not posted with my typical frequency to this blog over the last couple of months. Nor have I posted much to my Twitter account lately. This is because I've taken a break from EVE Online, and have not had anything really interesting to say.

I did not plan to take a hiatus from my beloved space game indulgence, but Real Life intervened, and it just sort of worked out that way. I had some surgery on my nose about three months ago, which took longer to recover than I anticipated. I had some work-related projects pop up, which required me to travel more than usual. And most recently, I got some wonderful news: my youngest daughter and her husband are expecting a child - so, I'm going to be a grandfather this summer.

When events like these happen, one tends to take another look at how to spend your time, and re-prioritize.

I'm sure it's just a temporary phase, and I'll log back into the game with some regularity eventually. I'm still maintaining my three Omega subscriptions, with the intent of taking full advantage of them at some point. But I'm not exactly sure when that might occur. I'm definitely not ready to walk away from EVE Online completely, and I'm certain I shall return one day with aplomb, eager to master all the new features that CCP released during my absence.

If I'm truly honest with myself, that is the real reason I've stepped back from EVE Online for a while. When you understand a game so well that it starts to feel too familiar - too comfortable and easy - it's time to take a break, and let things change and develop for a while without you. Then, when you eventually return, enough has changed that it feels like a novel experience again.

How long will that take? I've no definite idea, really. I'm still scanning the EVE media from time to time, watching the o7 shows as they come out, and checking out the tweetfleet messages on Twitter every once in a while. After a few more game releases, I'll likely decide it's time to jump back in, shake off the cobwebs, and see how Internet spaceships in New Eden feel once again.

I was flattered and touched that a few of you prodded me with messages, asking about my absence and lack of posts recently. It's nice to be missed - thank you for asking.

I'm fine, really. I'm just taking a break for a while. I'll be back - probably sooner than later.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to maintain this blog. My first order of business when I return will be to update the guides, of course - no doubt enough things will change that they will be out of date by then. Or at least, I hope so.

Until then - fly safe! o7